Loss of wetlands

Higher temperatures will lead to drier conditions one of the most important breeding areas for frogs and tuttle

Effects of Climate Change on animals

Wildlife and plants that are able to adjust are shifting their ranges to higher altitudes to adjust to warming temperatures. Wildlife that already live at high altitudes or latitudes may find themselves with nowhere to go.

Many species take their cues about when to migrate, flower, nest or mate from seasonal changes in temperature, precipitation and daylight . Global warming is confusing those signals.

Animal life cycle

The changes in the climate force wildlife to alter life cycle and seasonal events.  Sometimes they might get out of synch with other species in their ecosystem or with other natural events. For example, some animals are laying eggs, migrating, or emerging from hibernation much earlier than they used to, only to find that the plants or the insects they need for food have not yet emerged.

Water Catchment areas dry up